Power Panel 15/21/35/41

The same aspect ratio for graphics or text

PP15 and PP35 devices offer a choice between a 4 x 20 character or 160 x 80 pixel graphic display with the same outer dimensions.

Modular expansion

The PP21 and PP41 are equipped with six expansion slots in addition to their integrated inputs and outputs. This makes it possible to connect up to 60 additional digital or 24 additional analog inputs and outputs. Three slots can be used for modules with TPU functionality. This allows functions such as event counting, triggers, stepper motor control and frequency measurement. The PP41 device offers an optional expansion slot for System 2005 communication modules, making it possible to connect to both Ethernet TCP/IP as well as other fieldbus systems. Character sets and language modules for the visualization application are stored on a CompactFlash card that can be replaced from the outside.

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