Service and Repairs for all major Automation Brands and Machines

B&R , Siemens, Omron, Rockwell are some ...

Service , Repairs and Testing of :

B&R ACOPOS Drives  8v1090.00 
ACOPOS servo drive , 1010 ,1016 , 1022 , 1045 ,1090 , 1180 , 1320 , 1640 .. etc
B&R ACOPOS Multi  , 8EI017HWDS0 , 8EI044HWS10 , 8EI4X5MWT10
ACOPOSmicro , 80SD100XD , 80VD100 ,
ACOPOSmulti - 8BVI00
ACOPOSmulti power supply module 8BVP0
ACOPOSmulti plug-in module - 8BAC0
ACOPOS servo drive 8V10
ACOPOSinverter P66 , P74 , P86

B&R Motors 8LS , 8LSN , 8JSA , 8LSA

        Siemens , Danfoss , SEW and other Servo Drives and or AC Drives / VSD's

Compact drives
Single- and multi-axis drive systems
Distributed drive systems
Motor-drive combinations
Frequency inverters , Danfoss with Profibus and other interfaces

PC3100pic  BuR APC810PanelPC2100picPC2100pic1 ACOPOS ALL 10 ACOPOS MultiKlareTech danfoss driveKlareTech Siemens DriveBR Provit oldPOVIT 5000 s

Repairs and Testing of PLC Systems :

B&R 2005
2003 B&R PLC

X20 I/O systems
Power Panel , Power Panel C30, C50, C70, C80 and T30..T50
PC-based control
Automation Panel -5AP
PC 3100 5APC3
PC 2200 5APC2
Automation PC 2100 - 5APC2
Automation PC 910 5PC910
Panel PC 3100 5AP1130
Panel PC 2200 5AP1130
Panel PC 2100 5AP113
Panel PC 1200 5PPC1200

Provit 5000 -EG. 5D5200.01 , 5C5001.22

Injection Mould controllers , Smartmould

Touch Screen Repair
LCD Replacement

 x20PLCPower Panel15io x202005pic

 BandR System2003io 2003C70 BKC30

Board level repair, servicing and refurbishment of all major brands of PLC's, IPC's,

Servo Drives and Variable Speed Drives or AC inverters handled in-house with the best turn-around time in South Africa. 

All repaired drives undergo extensive testing on our test bench under load.


repair02Workshop RepairPCB 2GuyMedium





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