Power Panel 65

The PP65 is equipped with a powerful Geode LX800 processor with 500 MHz clock frequency. With this computing power, the PP65 provides performance that was previously only achieved by the PP400. Therefore, the PP65 is especially suitable for multi-axis applications that require lots of computing power but only have limited space in the control cabinet. This panel has the same compact dimensions of the PP45.

Display and interfaces provide flexibility

The PP65 is available with two different display types that have identical installation dimensions. A 5.7" model with touch screen (without function keys) and a 3.5" model with touch screen and 30 function keys allow flexible machine implementation. The PP65 is equipped with 2 USB ports and a fast Ethernet port for exchanging data with higher level systems. The PP65 is available with integrated X2X or POWERLINK interfaces options for connecting remote I/O and drives. The devices can be extended with RS232/RS485, CAN and PROFIBUS DP slave interfaces depending on the requirements.