Voltage Monitor Relay With Reset

The Volt­age Mon­i­tor Relay With Reset (ac­knowl­edg­ment) has out­puts for a sig­nal, buzzer or other in­di­ca­tors. It can be used to turn on/off acoustic or op­ti­cal warn­ing sig­nals when the input volt­age drops below/ex­ceeds a de­fined volt­age level.

Voltage Range Monitor

The Volt­age Range Mon­i­tor is used to switch loads off when the volt­age ex­ceeds/drops below an upper/lower thresh­old volt­age and switch loads on again when the volt­age en­ters the range be­tween upper/lower thresh­old volt­ages. Please spec­ify the de­sired upper/lower thresh­old volt­age in the pur­chase order.