Power Panel 500

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The right device for any automation task

Now more than ever, competitive control and visualization solutions must be complete, scalable and tailored to the application at hand. A wide range of product types and various options for flexible system expansion are extremely important in machine manufacturing. For this reason, intelligent all-in-one solutions that offer users the highest level of freedom with regard to control topology are important components for automation. Cost-effective solutions can best be realized by adapting both hardware and software to the respective application.

Combining control, visualization and motion control technology into one device thus makes it possible to offer intelligent complete solutions whose high level of integration allows the panel to be easily connected to various automation infrastructures. Compact Power Panel devices are designed for use in the harshest industrial environments and ensure the highest level of operating comfort. Uniform project development and integrated language-switching options make B&R control panels a worldwide industry standard.

Panels with the performance of an industrial PC

The new Power Panel 500 series with Intel Atom architecture advances into areas that were previously only handled by industrial PCs. The Intel Atom Z510/Z520/Z530 processors used in the Power Panel 500 have plenty of power, even for demanding applications. There is also plenty of RAM up to 2 GB.

The extensive product range includes panels ranging from 5.7" VGA to 15" XGA displays with intuitive touch screen and function keys. Gigabit Ethernet ensures high-speed communication over the plant network. Additional fieldbus interfaces or another gigabit Ethernet interface can also be added if needed. When designing the Power Panel 500, a great deal of attention was given to minimizing installation depth so that it can also be used in tight spaces.

Diagonal Display resolution


5.7" VGA 640 x 480 7"

WVGA 800 x 480 10.4"

VGA 640 x 480 12.1"

SVGA 800 x 600 15"

XGA 1024 x 768

A complete solution with the highest degree of flexibility

As a centralized operating and control unit, Power Panel devices combine control, visualization and motion control technology into a single package. From embedded processors to full PC power, this product range always provides an optimal system architecture, enabling cost-effective solutions for machine manufacturing. If expansions are necessary, remote I/O modules and drives can be easily connected using modular fieldbus interfaces. If needed, Power Panel devices can also be expanded with POWERLINK, CAN, PROFIBUS DP or other fieldbus interfaces. This allows additional topologies to be implemented at a later date without problems. Several distributed operating stations are often used in order to guarantee that complex machines are operated reliably. This provides easy access for operating personnel and ensures that process information is available on the machine where it is needed.

Open system platform

In addition to providing complete automation solutions, Power Panel devices are also an optimal platform for open operating systems. This provides users with the highest degree of flexibility because it allows different software architectures to be implemented on the same system platform.

Regardless of whether they are used to automate complete systems, as intelligent visualization terminals or together with open PC operating systems, the Power Panel series offers the right tool for any situation.