X20 System SafetyX20 System
Safety shut-offs do not always have to involve a full machine shutdown. Smart, safe reactions to various situations provide safety without always having to stop the production process.
Coated X20 systems safetyCoated X20 systems
With the X20c series, B&R is setting new standards for protection against harsh environmental conditions. These variants of the modular X20 distributed controller and I/O product line are protected against condensation by a coating on the electronics module. These modules are even suitable for use in adverse atmospheric conditions. From a safety point of view, the devices are not protected against corrosive gases.
X67 System safetyX67 System
Safe digital and analog I/O modules are available with IP20 or IP67 protection. In addition to their normal I/O tasks, they also monitor the signal line as well as the connected sensors and actuators.