POWERLINK as a standard Ethernet-based system represents the second generation of fieldbuses. This makes it possible to apply the full power of IT technologies to the automation field for the first time. POWERLINK is ideally suited for drives, I/O, visualization and data exchange between PLC systems.
PROFINET RT is a specified Industrial Ethernet Standard from the PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) organization, and is based on proven TCP/IP and IT standards.
Profibus DPProfibus DP
Started in 1987 as a publicly promoted project in Germany, PROFIBUS has become one of the most important fieldbuses worldwide. With a share of more than 90% of all PROFIBUS fieldbus devices, PROFIBUS DP has a clear focus; it is a high-speed (up to 12 Mbit/s) and simple protocol for classic automation tasks in the area of production engineering.
DeviceNet is an open fieldbus standard, also based on the CAN protocol and standardized in IEC 62026 as well as EN 50325.
CAN busCAN bus
CAN bus has had much success, particularly in machine manufacturing, and is steadily gaining importance.
CANopen is a communication protocol for layer 7 (user layer in the ISO/OSI model), which features a high degree of flexibility for configuration and uses CAN as layer 2 transport medium.