Blow moulding machine upgrade using B&R

Seamless Integration of complex extras

In our latest onsite upgrade KlareTech went all the way.

This dual carriage extrusion blow moulder had every possible additional feature - Takeout robots, In-mould labelling robots, hydraulic scrap remover and needle-blow. All of these features were seamlessly integrated into the B&R blow moulding control platform running on a Power Panel 400 embedded HMI/PLC with X20 IO.

An 8-layer parallel control sequence means that every movement is adjustable to ensure flexibility for handling the most complex tasks.

The below video shows one of the most complicated bottles currently blown in the South African market running smoothly with a cycle time of 14 seconds all controlled with our upgraded system.

Each movement in the process chain has a delay adjustable with a resolution of 10ms and if you think that 10ms doesn't make any difference you obviously haven't worked with needle-blow before. 

Hydraulic mould movements on the machine involve proportional control of flow valves based on analog feedback from position transducers. The hydraulic blowpin movements are simple proxy to proxy movements with simple directional hydraulic valves and robot movements are all pneumatically controlled.

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