Turnkey test equipment by KlareTech

Solenoid test bench

When one of our customers needed to thoroughly test a component of their machine before using it the field they turned to KlatreTech to find the solution.

Using a B&R X20CP1486 PLC and a KlareTech custom-built 550VDC drive we were able to create a system that not only monitored various elements of the solenoid such as temperature in several different places on the solenoid as well as stroke length, stroke time, power consumption and current drawn with each activation of the solenoid but also provided the control for the solenoid to simulate field activities.
















These measurements were all logged to a CSV file with sampling times in the micro-second range, creating data sets of thousands of individual samples per hour of testing.

The full rig was created by KlareTech's project team including all of the mechanical, electrical, software application and pneumatic components.