Diode Combinations

Application Examples

Application Examples
Free­wheel­ing diodes
De­cou­pling of head­lights
Logic func­tions

Technical data

Product Name Value
Op­er­at­ing tem­per­a­ture -40 °C to 85 °C
Con­tin­u­ous cur­rent limit 3 A to 6 A


Connection diagram

Product Details

Product Name Features Housing Operating data Order No.
Diode com­bi­na­tion 1x sin­gle 3A/1300V Sin­gle Diode S0/G6 3 A 1.​006.​600.​00E
Diode com­bi­na­tion 2x sin­gle 6A/400V Sin­gle Diodes S1/G1/U/Typ A 6 A 1.​006.​654.​00E
Diode com­bi­na­tion 2x sin­gle 3A/1300V Sin­gle Diodes S1/G1/U/Typ A 3 A 1.​006.​652.​00E
Diode com­bi­na­tion 4x sin­gle 3A/1300V Sin­gle Diodes S2/G1/AE/Typ C 3 A 1.​006.​660.​00E
Diode com­bi­na­tion 4x com. Cath. 3A/1300V Pin5 Diodes com­mon cath­ode S3/G1/E/Typ B 3 A 1.​006.​661.​00E
Diode com. 4x joint Anode 3A/1300V Pin5 Diodes com­mon anode S4/G1/E/Typ B 3 A 1.​006.​662.​00E
Diode com­bi­na­tion 4x com. Cath. 3A/1300V Pin8 Diodes com­mon cath­ode S6/G1/E/Typ B 3 A 1.​006.​663.​00E
Diode com­bi­na­tion 4x com. Anode 3A/1300V Pin8 Diodes com­mon anode S5/G1/E/Typ B 3 A 1.​006.​664.​00E


Product Name Order No.
Flat pin socket 1.​017.​002.​00
Fas­ton ter­mi­nal 6.3 mm 1.5-2.5 mm2 103064
Fas­ton ter­mi­nal 6.3 mm 1 mm2 102355
Fas­ton ter­mi­nal 2.8 mm 0.5-1.0 mm2 105292
Hous­ing bracket 1.​017.​080.​00