Injection Moulding Machine Upgrades

B&R SmartMould

SmartMoldPanelComplicated electrical control systems, although ruggedized to varying extents, are usually based on similar technology to PC's and expecting them to perform day after day in the often harsh production environment for years on end is of course, unrealistic.

It is normal for the downtime on machines with electronic control systems to increase exponentially as a function of time due to the decreasing availability of components, greater difficulty in troubleshooting as problems become more stochastic, complex and interlinked and the increased chance of failure of these components due to years of daily wear and tear. These challenges are compounded by the fact that older components generally become more expensive as the volumes of their global use decrease. Constantly repairing these systems is akin to trying to repair a 10 year old computer at an ever increasing price with ever worse reliability and functionality as the end result. As with the computer it makes much more sense to simply replace the control system with a new one.

Succesful local installations include machines for AstraPak, Venture and Boxmore.

B&R Water supply control solution

Successful FAT for Medupi Raw Water Tie-in

During November 2013, ALSTOM PAC South Africa successfully completed the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) on the autonomous controller for the temporary raw water tie-in point situated 5 km away from the Medupi power plant site (Fig. 1). The raw water tie-in facility is a critical part of the activities associated with firing of the first unit.


In addition to the main project, Eskom awarded the raw water tie-in automation contract to PAC in 2013. Due to the tight subproject schedule derived from the overall project acceleration, the X20 hardware platform using POWERLINKâ„¢ fieldbus from Bernecker & Rainerâ„¢ (which is used already for Medupi and Kusile turbine controllers Controsteam), was selected. The Wireless link to DCS has been implemented using RadioLinx equipment from ProSoftTM

Projects Overview

article imageKlareTech combines years of experience across a broad scope of machine building and project engineering with a carefully selected network of system integrators and various industry specialists as well as our market leading global partners to bring the most comprehensive and cutting edge mechatronic offering to the African market.



With skills covering all of the various mechatronic disciplines including electronics design and integration, software engineering and mechanical engineering KlareTech is positioned to tackle any automation project.


Our team's diverse experience covers hundreds of individual projects from automotive, confectionary, packaging, bottling, mining, power generation, textile manufacture and plastics industries.


KlareTech has been involved with filling machines, injection and blow molding machines, robots in both automotive and packaging environments, pump stations, winders, counting and batch handling machines, conveyoring and material handling, mining machinery, fermentation controllers, condition monitoring for bearings, labeling, printing presses and saddle stitchers, shrink wrappers and many others.