Dual Carriage Extrusion Blow Moulder Upgrade

Fastest possible turnaround with B&R control system

KlareTech recently completed a control system upgrade on an old dual carriage extrusion blow moulding machine.

blow-moulding-upgrade-hmiThe upgrade took only 5 days from arrival on site to full production! This super fast turn around time was made possible by the pre-written B&R blow moulding software

It is common place in many factories to find machines that have been shelved due to ageing control systems. In many cases these machines are mechanically still in near perfect condition and they end up being put aside only because of the cost of replacing failing electronic control components that are becoming obsolete. KlareTech provides an opportunity to breathe new life into these machines.

A perfect solution in the case of extrusion blow moulding machines is the B&R blow moulding upgrade solution. Fully developed touch screen HMI with process animation provides an intuitive operator interface. Software from B&R which is already 80% complete means a less 'buggy' experience than many other upgrade solutions on the market which often require software to be written from scratch. The turnaround time for the installation is also unusually fast among the competitors in this segment.

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