Impulse Relay Compact

The Im­pulse Relay Com­pact is used when loads need to be switched on for a de­fined pe­riod of time and then switched off again with one input pulse. Please spec­ify the de­sired out­put pulse length in the pur­chase order.



Di­a­gram S1, S2: The sup­ply volt­age is con­nected to ter­mi­nal 30. When a volt­age pulse (trig­ger) is ap­plied to ter­mi­nal 15 the relay im­me­di­ately picks up for the spec­i­fied time pe­riod and drops out at the end of the time pe­riod cre­at­ing an out­put pulse of spec­i­fied length. The out­put pulse length is in­de­pen­dent of the pulse length ap­plied to ter­mi­nal 15 (sin­gle shot trig­ger).
Di­a­gram S3: The sup­ply volt­age is ap­plied to ter­mi­nal 87z. When a sig­nal volt­age is ap­plied to ter­mi­nal 15 the relay im­me­di­ately picks up for the spec­i­fied time pe­riod and drops out at the end of the time pe­riod. If the sig­nal volt­age on ter­mi­nal 15 is re­moved prior to the end of the spec­i­fied out­put pulse length the relay drops out im­me­di­ately.
Di­a­gram S2 and S3: Out­put con­tacts are elec­tri­cally sep­a­rated from input con­tacts which al­lows for relay com­bi­na­tion so­lu­tions. In this con­fig­u­ra­tion the relay is po­ten­tial-free and can be used to switch al­ter­nat­ing volt­ages. Please refer to the chap­ter hous­ing and base plates for ad­di­tional hous­ing op­tions.

Application Examples

Application Examples
Pre­heat con­troller
Wind­shield wiper

Technical data

Product Name Value
Hous­ing di­men­sions 30 x 30 x 30 mm
Op­er­at­ing tem­per­a­ture -40 °C to 85 °C
Op­er­at­ing volt­age 12 V / 24 V DC
Qui­es­cent cur­rent 1 mA
En­vi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion IP53
Out­put pulse length Cus­tom de­fined
IP65 On re­quest
E1 ap­proval num­ber 04 7281
max. switch­ing volt­age/switch­ing cur­rent/con­tin­u­ous cur­rent/switch-on cur­rent see datasheet Hongfa HFKP/012-1Z3T (12 V) or HFKP/024-1Z3T (24 V)

Function Diagram


Connection diagram

Product Details

Product Name Model Housing Order No.
Im­pulse relay M1 12V A S1/G1/E 1.​002.​181.​00E
Im­pulse relay M1 24V A S1/G1/E 1.​002.​281.​00E
Im­pulse relay M1 12V B S2/G1/Y 1.​002.​182.​00E
Im­pulse relay M1 24V B S2/G1/Y 1.​002.​282.​00E
Im­pulse relay M1 12V C S3/G1/E 1.​002.​183.​00E
Im­pulse relay M1 24V C S3/G1/E 1.​002.​283.​00E


Product Name Order No.
Pro­gram­ming tool MRS Re­al­izer I 1.​100.​000.​01
Flat pin socket 1.​017.​002.​00
FAS­TON ter­mi­nal 6.3 mm 1.5-2.5 mm2 103064
FAS­TON ter­mi­nal 6.3 mm 1 mm2 102355
FAS­TON ter­mi­nal 2.8 mm 0.5-1.0 mm2 105292