Automation Studio

B&R Automation Studio is the integrated software development environment that contains tools for all phases of a project. The controller, drive, communication, and visualization can all be configured in one environment. That reduces both integration time and maintenance costs.

Project management

Thanks to the system-oriented view of the project and division into functional packages, extensive projects can be clearly managed and programmed. The programmed and configured machine parts can then be assigned to different hardware configurations. In a project, you can manage multiple delivery states in addition to the testing environment for certain machine types, which can use varying software and hardware.


The user is provided effective support by the programming languages integrated in Automation Studio (IEC 61131-3 and ANSI C) - which can also be combined as required - and by the modern architecture and structuring of the programming environment. All languages can access the same data types and use the same libraries and variables. In addition, Automation Studio supports simple and secure programming.

Integrated Visualization

The visualization system integrated in Automation Studio is an effective tool that can be used to create line displays as well as control integrated or remote XGA displays with keys and/or touch screens. This integration eliminates the need for external visualization tools, introducing cost savings for integrated machine visualization. Remote services such as VNC allow immediate remote operation and maintenance without additional expense.