ACOPOS multi

Modular cooling design

The use of fans and climate control units in the switching cabinet means considerably higher costs as well as additional maintenance expenses. ACOPOSmulti gives the designer the free space for conventional heat dissipation in the switching cabinet, a feed-through cooler with IP65 protection for releasing heat outside the switching cabinet and a cold plate variant for connecting to a cooling circulation system (water, oil).

ACOPOS multi configurations

ACOPOSmulti drive systems include multiple technology-specific functions. The ACOPOSmulti functions listed below are basic functions that the user can switch between as needed within 400 µs. Furthermore, manipulations such as changes in product length, print mark control, overlying torque control, brief process adaptations and quality checks can be carried out at any time.


Electronic gears

Electronic differential gears

Cutting unit

Electronic cam profiles

Flying saws

Line shaft


ACOPOS multi servo drives can be used in various configurations depending on the requirements of the application. The functions listed above are available to the user in each of the topology examples shown.

Reaction speeds are not influenced by the network and control system being used if technology functions are processed directly on the ACOPOSmulti drive system. Additional sensors and actuators must be integrated in the control system variation for more complex processes. In these cases, the level of performance depends mostly on the control system being used.

The topology examples shown on the following pages provide an overview of the bandwidths which are possible with B&R automation components.

ACOPOS multi drive systems in a POWERLINK network

High-performance machine architectures require flexible networks and fieldbus systems. With POWERLINK, a network is available to the user that fully meets the high demands of dynamic motion systems. POWERLINK adapts to the requirements of the machine and the system. The rigid coupling of many axes with controllers, industrial PCs, I/O systems and operator panels allows machines and systems to be created with the highest level of precision. Compatibility to standard Ethernet also reduces the number of networks and fieldbuses on the machine level.

Successful areas of use for these topologies

Packaging industry, Handling technology, Plastics processing, Paper and printing, Textile industry, Wood industry, Metalworking industry, Semiconductor industry

Available parts include:

ACPmulti VWRM 1.9A HV CD8BVI0014HCD0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 1.9A HV CD S8BVI0014HCDS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 1.9A HV CS8BVI0014HCS0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 1,9A HV CS S8BVI0014HCSS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 1.9A HV WD8BVI0014HWD0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 1.9A HV WD S8BVI0014HWDS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 1.9A HV WS8BVI0014HWS0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 1.9A HV WS S8BVI0014HWSS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 3.8A HV CD8BVI0028HCD0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 3.8A HV CD S8BVI0028HCDS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 3.8A HV CS S8BVI0028HCSS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 3.8A HV WD8BVI0028HWD0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 3.8A HV WD S8BVI0028HWDS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 3.8A HV WS8BVI0028HWS0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 3.8A HV WS S8BVI0028HWSS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 7.6A HV CD8BVI0055HCD0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 7.6A HV CD S8BVI0055HCDS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 7.6A HV CS8BVI0055HCS0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 7.6A HV CS S8BVI0055HCSS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 7.6A HV WD8BVI0055HWD0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 7.6A HV WD S8BVI0055HWDS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 7.6A HV WS8BVI0055HWS0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 7.6A HV WS S8BVI0055HWSS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 15.1A HV CD8BVI0110HCD0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 15.1A HV CD S8BVI0110HCDS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 15.1A HV CS8BVI0110HCS0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 15.1A HV CS S8BVI0110HCSS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 15.1A HV WD S8BVI0110HWDS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 15.1A HV WS8BVI0110HWS0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 15.1A HV WS S8BVI0110HWSS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 22A HV CS S8BVI0220HCSS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 22A HV WS S8BVI0220HWSS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 33A HV CS S8BVI0330HCSS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 33A HV WS S8BVI0330HWSS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 44A HV CS8BVI0440HCS0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 44A HV CS S8BVI0440HCSS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 44A HV WS8BVI0440HWS0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 44A HV WS S8BVI0440HWSS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 3.8A HV CS8BVI0028HCS0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 15.1A HV WD8BVI0110HWD0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 22A HV CD8BVI0220HCD0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 22A HV CS8BVI0220HCS0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 22A HV WD8BVI0220HWD0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 22A HV WS8BVI0220HWS0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 33A HV CS8BVI0330HCS0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 33A HV WS8BVI0330HWS0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 66A HV CS8BVI0660HCS0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 66A HV WS8BVI0660HWS0.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 88A HV CS V8BVI0880HCS0.004-1
ACPmulti VWRM 88A HV WS V8BVI0880HWS0.004-1
ACPmulti VWRM 165A HV CS8BVI1650HCS0.000-1
ACPmulti VLVM 22A HV C8BVP0220HC00.000-1
ACPmulti VLVM 44A HV C8BVP0440HC00.000-1
ACPmulti VLVM 44A HV W8BVP0440HW00.000-1
ACPmulti VLVM 22A HV W8BVP0220HW00.000-1
ACPmulti VLVM 88A HV C V8BVP0880HC00.004-1
ACPmulti VLVM 88A HV W V8BVP0880HW00.004-1
ACPmulti VLVM 165A HV C8BVP1650HC00.000-1
ACPmulti EM 50A HV C8BVE0500HC00.000-1
ACPmulti EM 50A HV W8BVE0500HW00.000-1
ACPmulti VNF 22A 480V8BVF0220H000.000-1
ACPmulti VNF 45A 480V8BVF0440H000.001-2
ACPmulti VRD 22A 480V 2mH8BVR0220H000.100-1
ACPmulti VRD 45A 480V 1.0 mH8BVR0440H000.100-1
ACPmulti VRD 44A 480V 0,5mH8BVR0440H000.101-1
ACPmulti VNF 90A 480V8BVF0880H000.000-1
ACPmulti VRD 90A 480V 0.5mH8BVR0880H000.100-1
ACPmulti VRD 180A 480V 0.5mH8BVR1650H000.100-1
ACPmulti VWRM 165A HV CS S8BVI1650HCSS.000-1
ACPmulti VRD 45A 480V 1.0 mH8BVR0440H000.100-2
ACPmulti VRD 45A 480V 0,5mH8BVR0440H000.101-2
ACPmulti VWRM 22A HV CD S8BVI0220HCDS.000-1
CompactBlock LDX 16 Expansion Block1790-8BV8BX
CompactBlock LDX 16 Expansion Block1790-T8BV8BX
CompactBlock LDX 16 Expansion Block1790-T8BV8VX
CompactBlock LDX 16 Point Comb Block1790D-8BV8B
CompactBlock LDX 16 Point Comb Block1790D-8BV8V
CompactBlock LDX 16 Point Base Block1790D-T8BV8B
ACPmulti VWRM 22A HV WD S8BVI0220HWDS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 66A HV CS S8BVI0660HCSS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 66A HV WS S8BVI0660HWSS.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 88A HV CS S V8BVI0880HCSS.004-1
ACPmulti VWRM 88A HV WS S V8BVI0880HWSS.004-1
ACPmulti VWRM 66A HV CS S8BVI0660HCSA.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 66A HV WS S8BVI0660HWSA.000-1
ACPmulti VWRM 165A HV WS8BVI1650HWS0.000-1
ACPmulti VLVM 165A HV W8BVP1650HW00.000-1

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