ACOPOS micro

Smallest dimensions

The compactness of the module is clearly evident in the two-channel version. The ACOPOSmicro requires an area of less than 50 cm² per axis. This not only saves space in the control cabinet for applications with multiple axes but also provides advantages in wiring because the bus and supply voltage connection is only needed for every second motor. A continuous current of 10 A and a peak current of 15 A are possible for each stepper motor. This power rating is sufficient to run even the largest stepper motors. For servo motors, a continuous current of 8 A and a peak current of 15 A are permitted. 8LV compact motors are available for ACOPOSmicro servo drives. The module is protected against overcurrent, overtemperature and other prohibited operating conditions. Appropriate warnings and error messages are output via the fieldbus.

Variable rated voltage ranges

To achieve higher torque values at high speeds, the first voltage variation was designed for a rated voltage of 80 VDC. Surge withstand capability is provided up to 95 VDC. However, the drive can also be utilized in the low voltage range with nearly no limitations. This means that the ACOPOSmicro product line can be operated down to a voltage of 18 VDC.

Integrated I/O

In addition to trigger inputs, a 24 VDC output is also provided. This can be used, for example, to control external brakes and is also available for other tasks. If required, additional functionality can be added via optional modules at a minimum cost and without taking up extra space. This makes it possible to implement even extraordinary customer-specific requirements. The optional support of many different encoder systems illustrates this product line's high degree of flexibility.

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