Panel PC 725

 Robust and well-protected

The Panel PC 725 is designed for onsite operation. Built with IP65 protection from all sides, it can easily handle splashed water, impacts and vibrations.

Flexible operation on-site

Support arm system mounting allows flexible positioning and provides an ergonomic user interface even in cramped spaces.

Intel® Atom™ efficiency

The Intel Atom N270 processor, which offers top performance low power consumption, is used on the Panel PC 725 . Cooling is handled fanfree via the back of the housing.

Cabling made easy

Panel PCs with IP65 protection usually implement all connections using expensive IP65 plugs, but the cabling for the Panel PC 725 is done via the flange. In this way, inexpensive standard cables can be used.

A fully-equipped PC that is also extremely thin

The Panel PC 725 offers extensive PC resources in a very small space. With two Ethernet interfaces, three USB 2.0 ports and a serial interface, communication is ensured both on the machine level and also to the company network.

Optimal access from the outside

The interfaces are easy to access behind the flange cover. The battery and CompactFlash card are behind a separate cover, which makes servicing easy.

System units 

Model Number Description

5PC725.1505-00 Panel PC 725 15" XGA;

15" XGA color TFT display with touch...

5PC725.1505-01 Panel PC 725 15" XGA;

15" XGA color TFT display with touch...

CPU boards

Model Number Description

5PC600.X945-00 CPU Board Intel Atom, 1600 MHz,

533 MHz FSB, 512 kB L2 Cache;...

Main memory

Model Number Description

5MMDDR.0512-01 SO-DIMM DDR2 RAM 512 MB PC2-5300

5MMDDR.1024-01 SO-DIMM DDR2 RAM 1024 MB PC2-5300

5MMDDR.2048-01 SO-DIMM DDR2 RAM 2048 MB PC2-5300


Model Number Description

5AC600.CFSI-00 CompactFlash slot (add-on)

For installation in an APC620 or Panel PC.

5AC600.HDDI-05 40 GB Hard Disk (add-on)

24/7 hard disk with extended...

5AC600.HDDI-06 80 GB Hard Disk (add-on)

24/7 hard disk with extended...

Operating Systems

Windows XP Professional

Windows Embedded Standard 2009


Windows CE 6.0

Windows 7

Windows Embedded Standard 7


Model Number Description

MAPPC725-ENG PPC725 User´s Manual english

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