X20 Control System
Slice-based I/O and control system. There are many different I/O slice systems. With the X20 System, B&R is setting new standards according to the motto "Perfection in Automation". Born from experience gained from applications all over the world, numerous conversations with customers, and with the aim for more simple, economical and secure usage, the X20 System is the new universal solution for any automation task in machine and system manufacturing.
System 2005
Embedded PC-based automation. Flexible machine control with specific technology functions, high performance, and enormous bandwidth for input and output. Scalable processor power, versatile communication interfaces, technology modules, and module system expansions distinguish this controller family.
System 2003
The B&R System 2003 can be used to handle applications ranging from remote I/O systems to powerful PLCs. Shorter response times and problem-free system expansion using a fieldbus distinguish this compact system. The modular system design and versatile screw-in modules allow a connection to be made to nearly any sensor and actuator.

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